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hollister sale clearance uk Birds in the branches ( novel )

Yangguang Hu

After the fifteenth day , elementary school going up, Miao Miao Mom and Dad are still wandering in town , no school to her, she does not know how to do all day, followed by a large people floated .

Snow , in very large ; strange snow this year , said no less than not , to say the next like diarrhea , intermittent, seems to have a cure ; city of fog and haze can not see what mom and dad led her went to the zoo , the couple hollister sale clearance uk gritted his teeth, bought a ticket to the Miao Miao , pushed around , and her mother finally went in, the father of a person biting cold outside and so on.

Zoo animals really, Miao Miao started very interested , and finally seemed to feel more and more sick animals , no spirit , no little wild, people turn a blind eye . In the village, chicks ducklings puppies are stocked , how zoo animals Jingui ! Listen to her that the last people to see the animals in captivity , now reversed , the people get to see the animals in a large cage , Miao Miao writings to be finished , do not want to read.

Out of time, out of the snow greater straight stamping cold father , walked around , and King Kong glass house like a loss. ( Prose reading : www.sanwen.net)

"This is our village, the big tree ! Miao Miao , look ! " Dad , pointing to the door of the old tree zoo .

"Is the way. Ye go here? " Mom also recognized it, old tree is sacred tree village , grandparents generations , burn incense to worship the New Year every year . The original Laohuai a large bell hanging from a tree , knocking about, crisp sound, can spread very far away place.

"I heard the mayor to sell tens of thousands of dollars ." Dad said.

"Oh ." Helpless mother cry .

Ash moved the old place, no to gas, refuses listless listless .

" Birds singing in the branches , the wind blowing us ...... " Miao Miao involuntarily sang one , but no birds Laohuai trees , dry nest only piecemeal .

" Is not return back to the village to go, Dongguan also not go, where we go ? " Mom said, looking at the snowy sky .

Dad, silent, squatting on the ground just hollister sale clearance uk to smoke.

Meow afraid to speak , but for myself , Mom and Dad do not know when to come back .

Since the primary school, Miao Miao and grandmother lived on , Grandma bad eyes , Miao Miao is her crutches, elderly widows in the village and the rest are broken doll . Mom and Dad go out to earn money to build a house in Dongguan , the village houses seem the same game, one more beautiful than a cover , a cover taller than one. Mom and Dad did not come home for three years the Chinese New Year , the year can not be bought on the ticket of the year is on the way back to the snowstorm hit , one year is the factory to work overtime . But for myself this year , do not know when to come back ?

Thought here, Miao Miao mind a slight fever , some small pleasure . But now, Mom and Dad did not work , and their own street in the city , so we supposed to go ? Sunny also easy to handle , slept in the railway tunnel under the bridge , the snow, the heating step is beggar near the site , she rolled her parents led to the train station , could not find a place to sleep .

" Birds singing in the branches , the wind blowing us ...... " Miao Miao singing , called the Cold War .

Miao Miao not return to the village hollister sale clearance uk to go, but also see their junior partner of the .

Who would have thought the principal was a wolf , eyeing the little sheep themselves ? Miao Miao was on the fourth grade , the principal see she always smiled sweetly Miao Miao De shouted : "President Grandpa ! " Principals often sent her some pencil book, she does not want to be the mom and dad told her grandmother , others things can not get to ! Small school principal partners are aware of the house there are many snacks, plum, toffee , chocolate, instant noodles , etc., after school , the principal would call a beautiful female students to eat , said to give tutoring job , came back , then told have shook his head , pumping soul was like , no one went. Miao Miao called several times , Miao Miao are gone, because her home to help work the eye is not good grandmother cook . Once, because of poor grades , school principals to fill the job left her no way she went.

Into the president 's house , the principal locked the door and touched her face straight smile , Miao Miao dodge , but hid in the embrace of the principal, the principal and no makeup , but give him some snacks and let her eat , principals touch her, she was very disgusted, very sick, but did not dare run out . Pakistani president with beard stubble chaos kiss her mouth , but also off her pants , Miao Miao burst into tears , clutching her mouth principals , she suddenly principals a bite like crazy , get rid of the run.

"I promise you a failing grade ! " Principal endured the pain , said fiercely .

"Little Bunny Boy, children open the door to open , hurry to open to open , I want to come in. Not not open , I do not open , my mother does not come back , who will not open ." Miao Miao thought of the wolf , looking forward armored Warriors beat him.

Back home, Miao Miao scared half to death , I heard a small partner , said the men will be able to handle a pregnant doll that she kept in a kang bed quietly cry, she did not dare tell her grandmother , only to be buried in the heart, after vowed principals called , do not go .

After a few months , no matter, hollister sale clearance uk she was relieved.

June , the weather is hot , Miao Miao grandmother and close to the mountain hollows and wheat , two people dead heat hot live a busy morning just cut a small piece of the village sixty -year-old black grandpa to help. Grandma heart sorry , go back to cooking, Miao Miao and her Reaper in the ground. It was getting dark, wheat also mown . Grandpa was clinging black Miao Miao let go , pulled out his stuff on the big pee Miao Miao Hu body rub , Miao Miao scared to scream, he took the sickle let Miao Miao pants off . No one in the valley , Miao Miao is no way the old man alive was ruined . The next day, the old black grandpa to help, just like all right, she bought a lot of snacks back .

However, Miao Miao pee place just felt hurt hurt .

Since then , given the chance , look no people, black tie eagle chicks like my grandfather would catch hold Miao Miao . Later , he pulled to the village a few elderly solution to boredom , spoil Miao Miao , Miao Miao after it's happened to throw a few bucks .

Miao Miao want to die less than a year old the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeverything. Who can she do ? She asked her mom and dad come from ? Mother told she was picked up from .

She only went to the village Laohuai , watching the birds in the nest , the carefree singing.

Things out in the principal body. Old president to a female student under the species , they conceived a baby , belly to school , the family took him to the police station. Wolf beast usual policeman there to explain the whole , the whole thing Miao Miao village also know.

Grandma found a whole village not quiet , but in fart big place to get some great things, so lose money trouble , said : " Women want to get married, reputation and consequently important than pulling a carrot pit still ! ! "

But angry grandmother said, " Do not look at my eyes can not, my heart bright with ! Who does not know the village is generally your baby and I want the police to test ! "

Village dingy gone.

The catch are caught up , to check the body lacks Miao Miao problems, but also nobody has . Black Grandpa, there are other grandfather 's family also left her, she was Zhi Ma Daji goblins, chickens one , seduce men fooled !

Not stay in the village , my hollister sale clearance uk grandmother let her policeman father and mother to call Mom and Dad this really came back, holding Miao Miao cried all night .

Time to leave the village , Miao Miao fondly looked old tree . Grandma reluctant to leave the village , and she said that I would put to rest the old bones , returning to their roots , let me die in here! Died in the palm of the city tens of thousands of local hear better ! You get out of here , find a good place to live it well .

However, where a good place ?

City busy , building bricks stacked on the line , Miao Miao feel some difficulty breathing . Mom and Dad do not want to go to distant places to work, they want to give Miao Miao a happy happy home. Village rumors , can not go back. In their nearest town , he found they had been working , I do not know if I can find ?

While the town looks very strange, Miao Miao think a three can stay in one of the most joyful thing , though because of her, and she ate some bitterness.

Miao Miao tired drifting like a piece of driftwood in the city , she was dreaming , dreaming of her grandmother , the old dream of the village of Ash , Laohuai nest tree , and the branches of singing birds.

If the sea is no longer blue

Child's dream to lose color

Their eyes filled with confusion

You do not say how silent bow

Why the early morning sky is gray

Why do the stars do not blink

If you only go to the beautiful motto became legend

Angry Birds also sang a song:

You hear the birds singing

They want the color of childhood

They do not want this strange city under the neon lights

You hear the birds hollister sale clearance uk singing

That song to accompany your childhood

Listen to their last voice saying to you

Birds singing , accompanied her into a distant dream .

The night of 16 February 2014 on Chang'an